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Why You Should Invest In Costa Rica

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Did you know that Costa Rica is one of the easiest countries in the world to invest in as a foreigner? It comes as no surprise that they have some of the highest levels of direct foreign investment among Latin American countries.

If you’ve been searching for an investment in real estate than costa rica might be your ideal destination! We've compiled a list of reasons below.

1. Strong Democratic Values

Costa Rica has an incredibly strong commitment to building domestic infrastructure. Since abolishing their armed forces in 1949, the country has been governed peacefully and democratically. Their strong reputation of promoting democratic values has (rightfully) earned the country the nickname the “Switzerland of Central America”. With a strong respect for the rule of law, and and a deep seated appreciation for true democracy, the stable political conditions of Costa Rica make it an attractive opportunity for investors.

2. Natural Wonders and Beauty

Do you want to climb soaring mountains? Are you searching for pristine white beaches? Do you prefer breathtaking waterfalls surrounded by the tropical rainforest?

When in Costa Rica you dont have to choose! You can have it all within your grasp in this small but beautiful country. If you enjoy adventure activities, there are few destinations better than Costa Rica.

Costa Ricans really value the natural beauty in the backyard. That’s why over 25 percent of the country is protected by national parks and reserves.

Did you know: Over 2 million tourists come to Costa Rica every year to experience the natural wonder and beauty of this Central American country.

3. Blossoming Economic Conditions

Along with the political stability and thriving tourism industry, Costa Rica has proved its ability to support stable economic growth.

Since 2000, the Costa Rican economy has grown by over 80 percent in GDP, which has the country to cut poverty by over 50% throughout the past two decades.

According to the Financial Times, these are the ingredients that make Costa Rica an “investment hotspot”.

4. Low Taxes To No Taxes

Costa Rica also has low tax rates. The annual property tax is only .25 percent. Plus, there’s no Capital Gains Tax in the country. Imagine keeping all the profit your company makes!

This means that if you purchase a property valued at $100,000, you’re only obliged to pay an annual property tax of $250. This is substantially lower than the United States, Canada and many other countries.

As an alternative tax structure, the Costa Rican government raises revenue mainly through income tax. But fear not! As a foreign national, significant portions of income tax can also be deducted from your tax payments.

5. The Cost of Living

The cost of living in Costa Rica is significantly lower than North America.

While there is a variety of factors that can influence living costs, according to many ex pats and retirees and living in Costa Rica, most couples can afford to live very comfortably on around $2,500 per month.

6. Ownership Rights

With many countries, it's simply not possible to just pick an area that looks promising and invest as an outsider.

However, in Costa Rica, there are absolutely no restrictions on the rights of property owners. If you purchase real estate in the Central American country, you’ll be treated the same as a Costa Rican.

Your rights as a property owner are always backed up by the National Registry of Costa Rica.

7. An Well Educated Population

Costa Rica has a well educated population and workforce. Their literacy rate is over 96 percent. Since the early 19th century, Costa Rica has provided the population with free and compulsory education for children.

According to the World Economic Forum, Costa Rica has the highest ranked education system in the whole of Central and South America.

There are numerous private schools that provide ex-pats with multi-lingual education and boast internationally recognized qualifications.

8. English is the Second-Language

While spanish is the national language of Costa Rica, english is the recognized second language! You can expect to find a wide variety of languages being spoken across the country.

The government has set the goal of the next decade for Costa Rica to become a fully bilingual country with the English language becoming increasingly common sound.

9. The Pura Vida Culture

The slogan of the Costa Rican people is “Pura Vida”. This translates into English as “Pure Life”. However, it’s much more than the simplistic translation suggests.

In fact, for many Costa Ricans the Pura Vida culture is more than a slogan. It’s a way of life. It comes as no surprise that costa rica is one of the few “blue zones” in the world in which people can frequently be found to be living to the ripe age of 100!

With strong values, the costa rican culture is friendly to strangers, believes in strong family structure and the importance of simple pleasures in life.

10. A Green country with progressive values

According to the New Economic Foundation and Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica is the world’s “greenest, happiest country in the world“.

They have become the first country to pledge to become completely plastic, and carbon free country within the next few years. They are also the only country in the world to have their energy coming from completely renewable energy sources!

Now you know why so many people are choosing to invest in Costa Rica.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what we have to offer, click here to get in touch with us today!

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