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Why Costa Rica Is The Place To Be After COVID-19

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Over the past few months in North America, we have experienced the restrictions and limitations to our lives that the novel coronavirus has brought. Life during the time of a global pandemic has, for many, made us question our lives and how living will be altered going into the future. It is safe to say we are experiencing a new world, one of sanitation, isolation, and distancing.

People’s outlooks on life are changing. There is a new desire to be independent. Individuals who previously relied on take out and restaurant food are now flooding the grocery stores as more people want to monitor what is coming into their homes during this COVID-19 outbreak. Grocers are getting busier, and with physical distancing measures in place only so many people are allowed into a store at once. Line ups have proven to be a new way of life, a trip to the grocery store that would normally take 45 minutes, can now take 2 or 3 hours in cities and dense suburbs.

As we are encouraged to stay home to flatten the curve of COVID-19, many want to become self-sufficient. The lengthy times it takes to grocery shop has led people to turn to growing their own fruits and vegetables to take control of their time and money, instead of relying on a store. At the same time home gardening is becoming more popular, we are also witnessing restrictions on people’s ability to do this. In Michigan during the early stages of quarantine, Governor Gretchen Whitmer barred stores from selling seeds, plants, and other gardening materials, deeming these non-essential services to sustain life. With restrictions such as these there is a growing need for alternative lifestyles. Many of us have begun to wonder: what’s next?

For many, this will mean relocating out of cities, densely populated subdivisions, and in some cases, moving out of North America completely. Central America, and more specifically Costa Rica, will become a prime choice for many, as Costa Rica is a paradise of beautiful weather year-round and provides you with affordable living options, especially in comparison to the high costs of living in Canada and the United States. Playa Lagarto eco development is a private, gated community that offers an oasis of seclusion in Costa Rica. Owners in Playa Lagarto eco community are surrounded by wildlife, scenic views, and warm weather. Owning in the community means you can grow your own fruits and vegetables and have your own water supply. If a pandemic like COVID-19 were to occur again, hiking, biking, beaches, and other outdoor activities would still be accessible in Playa Lagarto. You can be surrounded by wildlife and nature, and at times like this, not have to be confined to your home. By choosing to live the Costa Rican lifestyle in Playa Lagarto, you can live in a private and self-sufficient community.

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