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The Best of Both Worlds: Dream Retirement with Affordable Living in Honduras

For retirees in North America, the costs of living have become part of the struggles of life. Many retirees have to live on less income than they used to. One of the many advantages of living in Honduras is the cost of living, as it is about 30-50% below North American costs of living. This is drastically lower and much more maintainable, especially when looking towards retirement living.

If you are in search of a lower cost of living for retirement, coupled with a warm climate, slower pace of life, and being surrounded by natural beauty, Honduras is a place worth considering. The Trujillo Beach eco development in Honduras offers more than a beautiful lifestyle community, as it is proudly the only thriving 'eco' residence of the area. Since establishing Trujillo Beach in 2008, the 600 acre location has grown into a fully functional, green standard resort and residential community. The growing community of Trujillo Beach is already home to owners from Canada, the United States, and across the globe.

Affordable living options are much more attainable in Central America, especially Honduras since it is a new and emerging market for those looking to buy property internationally. Renting or buying a home in Honduras, and more specifically Trujillo Beach, costs a fraction of what you would pay in North America. On the popular tourist island of Roatán, you will find water-front lots around $100,000 USD, whereas in Trujillo Beach eco community, beachfront and beach accessible lots start at $30,000 USD. The lower costs of living are not just seen in homeownership, affordable living is reflected in everyday expenses too. Restaurants offer delicious food for around $6 a meal and beers are about $2. The operating costs of a property in Trujillo Beach - such as hydro, water, and property tax - are significantly lower than those costs in North America. As well, cleaning and maid services are over 60% less than in Canada or the United States.

Warm weather, beautiful nature, and an abundance of outdoor activities in Honduras make for an unforgettable lifestyle in paradise - a lifestyle that is more affordable and accessible than you may think. In Honduras’ Trujillo Beach eco community, the cost of living is cheap, but the quality of life is high.

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