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Healthy Eco-Living in Guanacaste

Playa Lagarto Eco-Development is located on the North Pacific side of Costa Rica in the province of Guanacaste. It is a tight-knit community with affordable, green, and secluded living options. Whether it is for vacations, retirement, or a permanent lifestyle change, Playa Lagarto Eco-Development offers a one-of-a-kind living experience.

The slower-paced lifestyle and immersion in nature helps one to fully relax and enjoy life, which is incredibly health beneficial. Being in Costa Rica places you on nature’s doorstep. In Playa Lagarto owners and visitors to the eco-community find themselves surrounded by wildlife, hiking and biking trails, and access to beautiful beaches. Not to mention, Playa Lagarto is a private secluded community located outside of the city where there is much less pollution and toxic fumes.

Costa Rica is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Exercise and fun go hand in hand as there are an abundance of opportunities to get outdoors. Surfing is a very healthy form of exercise and is a huge part of the culture in Costa Rica.

There are also more relaxed water activities such as swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking. If you prefer to stick to the land, the many national parks, mountains, volcanoes, and beaches make for fantastic hikes or runs. There is also an established yoga community in Costa Rica, most towns have at least one or several studios offering daily classes, as well as yoga workshops and retreats happening across the country.

When it comes to food and consumption, Playa Lagarto allows you to live in a self-sufficient community. You have the means to grow your own fruits and vegetables and have your own water supply, not only allowing for healthy and natural lifestyle choices, but also saving you thousands of dollars on food consumptions each year. The lengthy growing season, abundant rainfall, and fertile soil make Costa Rica a popular destination for those looking to lead green, healthy, or self-sufficient lifestyles.

To find out more about Recap Investments and Playa Lagarto Eco-Development, click here.

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