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5 Amazing Things To Do In Panama!

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Panama is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Central America with its white sandy beaches, vibrant culture, and delicious food. It's a must see, whether you're a world traveller, looking to retire or seeking your next investment.

5 Incredible Things To Do In Panama:

1. Day Trip to The San Blas Islands:

Do you love white sandy beaches but can’t stand when they're over crowded? Look no further than the beautiful uninhabited islands of san blas with their crystal clear blue waters, and coral reefs perfect for snorkeling! Just under two hours north of panama city and with over 365 islands you’re sure to find one that matches your perfect idea of a tropical paradise!

2. Visit the beautiful golden churches of Casco Viejo

Due to panama's Spanish heritage, they have deep ties to to the catholic church and a number of perfectly preserved, gold laden churches. We recommend visiting:

- The ruins of the Covent of Old Santo Domino: Unfortunately the church burned down in 1756 and was only partially preserved. Today it often serves as a host for musical concerts and weddings.

- Iglesia de la merced: Built originally in 1673, this church was transported piece by piece to panama Vieja to its current location.

- Catedral Metropolitana: See if you can find the incredible (but hidden!) altar piece inside this church.

3. Biomuseo Museum

The unique design of this museum was created by architect Frank Gehry and it provides an in depth examination of Panama’s role as a geographical bridge between North and South America, and how development in the country is changing the local flora and fauna.

4. Go on a local food tour!

Panama is famous for its unique approaches to sea food dishes. Step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

5. Visit Monkey Island

Ever fancied getting to meet monkeys? Look no further than monkey island located in lake gatun, where you can explore the rich forests and meet the friendly little creatures that inhabit it! It makes a great day trip especially if you have kids. We recommend taking a guided tour for the best experience.

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